Noises: Stephen Fasano

Text: Vangelis Kamarakis | Link:

This story is up for a gossip. You have spent pretty much of the past few years promoting your DJ duet (Aeroplane). Lately, things are going rather well: headlining some of the best parties, fame, money, a successful crossover single (We can’t fly) and an album with reports, by those having listened to it before its imminent release, of being just great. And yet, just days before the album hits the shelves, you drop out of your group leaving everything to your (ex) other half Vito DeLuca? What the heck is going on in your head Stephen Fasano?

Stephen, also known as the not-the-young-wearing-a-hat-the-other-one-out-of-Aeroplane?, has abandoned the aircraft to start afresh being ‘The Magician’. We do not know whether the duo has had creative conflicts or if Stephen was simply bored of playing records he didn’t fancy in front of enormous crowds – it was only those huge gatherings though that were able to cover for Aeroplane fees. The semi-official version reports of Fasano being unhappy with Vito’s handling of production.
Cross our heart, we find no big differences on how things are progressing musically for the former associates. Compared with DeLuca’s monthly mixes, Fasano’s are a bit more mature though less multifaceted but certainly not too different. And in addition, the first official remix by the Magician on Aikiu’s Red Kiss sounds just like ..errrr.. Aeroplane.

Time can only tell on the Magician’s progress. In the meantime, it’s only positive that both musicians may follow their dreams like they wish and we -in turn- may enjoy good music and excellent DJ sets from double the sources. So we can only wish ‘Good Luck’ to the Magician and hopefully he will be around here soon enough to come up with wizardly discs out of his magic hat.