Noises – Summer Vibes: Kink & Neville Watson

Text: Vangelis Kamarakis

This duet seems to encompass the absolute meaning of a successful partnership on an international level. For many years Neville Watson released music within the Acid House movement frenzy either under his own name or as Lovejuice, Strobefunk etc. However the attention received was not what anticipated, until under undisclosed circumstances he met and begun working with Strahil Velchev a Sofia permanent resident, best known as Kink. The duo soon released two eps under Rush Hour the Dutch house label and immediately entered the dance music map. Kink and Watson are not in permanent partnership, both following relatively successful solo careers. Their personal releases however rarely reach the level of old school Chicago house producers joint recordings. Kink and Neville Watson, have a collection of both personal and joint releases as well as remixes and are now preparing their live version ready for a new push in this british-bulgarian collaboration.