Now You Can Have your Ashes Pressed on Vinyl!


Do you love music and cannot imagine yourself without it? And Vinyly has the solution for you: now you can have your ashes pressed on vinyl, when you die!

It might sound macabre and no one wants to think of that moment. However, there are some things you must take care of, before you die and if you are fond of music, in favour of cremation and with a strong dose of black humor, this new concerns you directly: you now have the opportunity to be a part of your favourite song forever! The idea belongs to Andy Vinyly, which allows you to have your ashes pressed on vinyl (in 30 copies) for $4,600. For an additional $760, you can be pressed on your favorite song and, if you want to spend more money, James Hague from London’s National Portrait Gallery, can make you an original cover for your record.

All this, while in Greece of 2016, cremation remains a tabboo subject, despite the institutional framework, because of the Church’s intense reaction.