Sinead O’Connor on her Disappearance: “You Better Pray I Die”

sinead o connor

By now, you must have already read about Sinead O’ Connor being reported missing, and her being found in a Chicago hotel. The 49-year-old singer was missing since Sunday morning, when she went out for a ride with her bicycle, and due to her troubled past, she was immediately reported as missing.

A few hours ago, she went down to Facebook and shared an open letter to her ex-husband John Reynolds, concerning their custody battle over their two sons. “You all abandoned me FOR BEING SUICIDAL.”, “Dad, you did this to my mother. You got away with it. I’m stronger than her. You won’t get away with it this time.”, “Every one of you had better pray I die.” and “Explain to Shane and Yeshua why Mum vanished.” all prove how troubled she may be at the time being.

A few months ago, O’Connor had posted on Facebook she had commited suicide, and a couple days later, Facebook took her page ddown, after her family’s request.