After the EDM outbreak that brought about the much dreamed about conquest of the United States, it is high time we got used to the fact that what happens in the larger electronic dance scene, is very much a pop music/culture event. Disclosure are a fine example of this. They might sound like 90’s house and UKG re-branded for the new age, but right now, as 2013 heads for the door, they’re making stadium packing pop music. Hot on their heels are many producers who could well do the same crossover trick in 2014.

One of these is TCTS, known to his friends and foes as Sam O’ Neill. The Mancunian has been given valuable help by Grecoroman records, a label with a knack for signing underground hits whose appeal goes beyond the regular clubber herd. Through Grecoroman, TCTS, who had for a while now been a regular fixture of the Bass scene, serves up These Heights, a massive dance hit in this final part of 2013 and a regular feature in every top shelf dj line up of the house/uk bass persuasion.

Those with their ear to the ground, strongly believe that he could now go on to take the British market by storm and sooner rather than later, have a pop at the other side of the Atlantic. We will surely be keeping a close eye on him in the coming months.

Vagelis Kamarakis