The Summer Festival Warm-Up (Week One)


The Telegraph recently released their 2014 Festival round-up, offering a guide to the best of European festivals.  In light of this we thought we’d scour the internet for some photographs and reviews of a few of our recommendations, to give you the best chance of choosing the right weekend party for you and your friends!  We’ll be doing three a week, so keep your eyes on Ozon.

First up,

Benicassim (FIB) – Spain.  

(First photo: FIB File / Oscar L. Tejeda)

I, along with my dearest pals, have now attended this heat-wave of a party for two years running; frolicking joyfully in the Sun, and floating face-up in the sea, desperately battling hang-overs from the night before.   FIB has 8 days camping & 4 days of music, which means before anything on the programme even starts you’ve already been celebrating the Summer for four days!   Additionally, once the music does start, nothing kicks off until the evening, and runs all night until the morning (when it becomes far too hot to sleep).    I can say, however, that despite the fatigue, over-indulgence, and general craziness that Benicassim offers, I’ve never had more fun!

This years line-up (so far):




Dour – Belgium


(Source: ShootTheStage.com)

Dour is on it’s 26th run, and the line-up is consistently fantastic each year..   The festival books the perfect selection of under-the-radar/obscure indie outfits, booming electronic names, and the token legendary (Smashing Pumpkins, Wu Tang Clan, to name just two).  2014 will be my first year at Dour, but from the word of friends who have gone, I expect great things.

Ian Treanor // Spindle Magazine:  Two thumbs up to all the artists, volunteers and organizers behind this awesome festival. Thank you for giving us what was one of the most genuine, laidback festival experiences of the summer. 

Line up (Complete):




Secret Garden Party – UK


(Source: XFM)

Widely considered to be the best Boutique festival in the world, SGP leads the way with wacky festival weirdness, and hippie vibes.  This place is a universe of its own, and when you arrive it’s like you’re a child in a candy shop; the opportunities seem endless, and the line-up is beautifully mesmerising.

Mark Beaumont // The GuardianIt’s fair to say music is a secondary concern at Secret Garden Party, the surreal hedonist’s retreat. It’s tough to watch the Family Rain impersonate the White Stripes when you know that, elsewhere, you can watch pig racing, or visit The Pool of Naked Liberation, or catch David Icke fudging astute arguments on western imperialism with claims that we’re all holograms.  

The line-up.


So there are three top festivals, and we’ll have another instalment for you next week!

Take care!

Words: Oisin Fogarty Graveson