Unforgettable – Summer Kisses Winter Tears

Text: Natasha Papachristou

For some reason all romances unfold at summer, love starts at summer. But is there such a thing as a difference between a summer and a winter kiss? A kiss is always warm even in the heart of winter, in the middle of nowhere with all your limbs frozen unable to move. Elvis Presley knew how to create heartbeats both in winter and summer. He knew how to make girls cry from enthusiasm or even panic, he knew how to move (or to rock) even while singing a ballad, like ‘Summer Kisses, Winter Tears.’

He would have been 75 today. He died, however, at 42 found by his then fiancee. Elvis, the good son, entered Sun Records studio in 1953 to record two songs as a gift to his mother. Three years later he was already the fantasy of each and every girl and the reincarnation of the long-cherished ‘American Dream’. Still being a mortal, the ‘King’ had no resistance to addiction while his reputation was growing larger than him. I guess when his death was announced his fans cried bitterly with reactions reaching hysteria although at that time, their idol had nothing to do with the rockabilly youth they’d loved. His faithful followers never believed his death happened and still don’t… while his heirs enjoy the benefits of 75 albums recorded between 1956 and 1977 and found warmth in notorious Graceland. All kisses he had exchanged on screen, were not the cause of heartbeats anymore but tears. ‘Summer Kisses, Winter Tears’ written in 1960 was meant to be included on the soundtrack of the film ‘Flaming Star’. The scene where the song would feature, was not included; cut not because of tears, but spoiling laughter. Nevertheless the song managed to get out in the surface, nothing could ruin its reputation. A helping hand was also offered by Julee Cruise when her version of the song appeared in the 1992 film by Wim Wenders ‘Until the End of the World’. The end of the world did not come to Elvis, even when he married. His fans cried once again but keep on idolising him on the radio, the turntable, in the movies, in concerts. He left early, as quickly as summer time goes by. But he managed to become a legend while still alive like a summer love that is past even before it’s over. But does every summer love come to an end? Probably not. Does love have to debunk? Probably not too as the King himself was never challenged. The dreams of yesterday hang on with his fans everywhere. We remember what we have loved and we cry for what it worths. For them the King is still alive and hope is always the last to die just like when it comes to love coming to the end …