Will London’s Fabric be Closed?


The most legendary night club in London, Fabric, is threatened with closure because of drugs.

According to London Evening, 12 incidents of drug possession and dealing have been reported between April and October putting the venue in danger of losing it’s license. Based on police reports 12 people have collapsed between them 4 dead due to drug consumption such as MDMA and Ecstasy.

In September’s last episode a young girl fainted and later died because of buying and consuming MDMA in a venue known in the entire world, such as Fabric. In a report sent to the committee, the police states that this venue attracts clients from all over Europe and the immaturity of the people responsible as well as their involve with drugs will lead to even more unacceptable and unfair deaths.

Residents appear to have mixed feelings on the prospective closure but it’s future is still unknown.