90teen Is OZONised

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Victoire Guay (aka 90teen) is a Belgian who moved to Mexico. It’s quite of an odd combination, but thanks to this moving she started her Instagram account. And she has turned out to be a really good one at it. Had not it been for this change in her life, we would not have the chance to see all these white background photos that make our day. They are all so fresh and they all extrude freedom, happiness, youth. It’s not a fashion Instagram account. It’s an Instagram Account of a girl, who lives its life to the full.

Read her interview and you will find out why we really like that girl!

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#1. When did you start using Instagram and why?
I started my Instagram two years ago. I had been living in Mexico for six months and at first, the change of cultures was so difficult that I started my Instagram account, it was something I did to occupy my time.

#2. Do you consider your self as a fashion Instagrammer? If not what do you think about their role in fashion business?
I don’t consider myself as a fashion Instagrammer but fashion is a big part of my Instagram. I love posting some of my favorite outfits because I think it can give people some inspiration or it can just help them to know my style and know who I am as a person. I think that fashion Instagrammers are making trends happened, we all once saw something on a girl on Instagram that was so cool and different that we wanted to be like her and to have the same style. Now, Instagram is one of the best ways to make new trends happen.

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#3. What is your biggest source of inspiration and what is your greatest motivation?
My biggest source of inspiration is myself, I know that sounds really narcissistic but my instagram is a reflection of what I love and what I see everyday. Sometimes I can get inspired by Tumblr or Weheartit, because you know, everyone wants to be tumblr.

#4. You live in Mexico. But you speak french. How do  these two cultures shape your presence on Instagram? How old are you? What have you studied / or are you studying?
I love the fact that those two cultures are so different because I can really express something different on Instagram. I represent Mexico by the light and the colors that I put on my pictures, and Belgium is represent by the way I present myself because even if I live in Mexico, I will always be a Belgian girl.
I’m 20 years old, I’ll be 21 in September. I know this would seem can odd but I don’t study for the moment, I spent more time in High School because of the change of country, so I will start college in 6 months and I think I’m gonna study something that involves photography.

#5. What do you do for a living?   
I’m a student, for now that’s the only job that I have.

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#6 How much time per day do you spend on your Instagram?
I can stay on Instagram for hours, I love seeing my followers feeds and I love to get back to them.

#7. What are your favorite fashion stores in Belgium and Mexico and why?
In Mexico, I really love American Eagle Outfitters because it really embody my style and everything that I like about fashion. In Belgium, I always loved to shop at Forever 21 because it’s so cheap and you can really find some clothes that represent your style.

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#8 Which new brand or designer would you pick as a “new sensation”?   
The new brands that I will pick as “new sensations” are Urban Outfitters and Free People. They make some amazing clothes and even if, sometimes, they are expensive I always want to buy their stuff.
The designer that I will choose is Marc Jacobs, but he is not a “new sensation”, he’s a “sensation”, I love everything about this designer.

#9 How many people are there in your team?
In my Instagram team, there’s me, my camera and my tripod. So, I’m doing this all by myself and I love doing my instagram alone because I can really post personal things or just things that I love without asking anybody about it.

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