Atifa Rasooli: “Simple as”


Plato once said that beauty of style, harmony and grace depends on simplicity. We sense that this is also the style credo of Danish fashion designer Atifa Rasooli, who launched her debut collection in 2012.  Her creations are inextricably connected to the notion of simplicity. More interested in creating a certain mood and atmosphere, she manages to highlight the timeless charm and infinite grace of minimalism through her garments.

  • It is said that simplicity reflects the honesty of beauty. Do you embrace this view?


Definitely, I have always believed in simply being, be it lifestyle, personality or appearance. Simplicity takes you closer to beauty.


  • Your A/W 2012 collection was entitled ‘I am the messenger of stillness’. What was the main idea of this concept?


“I am the messenger of stillness is about bringing back the strength of humble appearance with hidden nobility”

When I was creating my debut collection AW12, I was looking for inspiration, and I noticed that there was so much noise around us; everybody was talking at the same time. I was surrounded by so many impressions and feelings and I felt like it all takes us away from how we really are and turns us into something we “should” be in this group-grope world.

So I took a step back and went into to my own still self, in order to find my inspiration. I wanted to underline that one can be very calm and quiet, but still be deep and beautiful.


  • Kabir wrote in one of his poems that ‘in silence you can feel the stillness move’. We sense that your collections manage to portrait that opinion with the use of quiet colors, minimalistic designs and high-quality fabrics.


Thank you, and well said, I must read that poem!

In silence you feel and notice the very small but yet important details. And yes, with my collection I have tried to keep that flow of silence from being disturbed.  The choice of colors and fabrics was an important procedure in the making of the collection.


  • You’ve said you create pieces that are simple but yet full of expression and personality.Do you believe simplicity is actually the ultimate sophistication?


Sophistication for me is something you cannot be dressed into. It’s something you either do have or you don’t.  I don’t think that simplicity in your appearance can highlight your personality.


  • Where do you seek inspiration?


My inspiration comes from within. I mean I have been inspired all these years from everything and everyone around me, so I think I can still use that. It sounds complicated but it is actually very simple: I start with a feeling, that could be a feeling from my past or just a random feeling, and I kind of build my thoughts around it, while it takes shape and color. I then create one piece according to that, and the rest of the collection is built around that one piece.


  • What part does experimentation play in your designs?


I think experimenting and playing with new ideas is a healthy process, but without losing your own style. For me it may come gradually; right now I am still working on ideas that I’ve already used.


  • We distinguish a ‘connecting thread’ between your debut collection and your current SS/2013 collection, as if one collection compliments the other.  What should we expect from your next collections?


AW 13 is similar to my two first collections, but it is a bit more mature. I am still working on the idea of my SS14; I cannot reveal much as even I am not sure of the final outcome yet!


  • Can anyone find absolute relaxation in silence or stillness?


Not necessarily. How and where people find their source of relaxation is different for each person, but I absolutely think silence and stillness can take you places that you have never been before. Still waters run deep…

Interview: Vicky Florou