Mohxa to all!

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Over the last month, the digital and not-so-digital world of the fashion savvy Athenian crowd, has been dressing in floral-print men’s shirts, whether worn by the boys themselves or as dresses by the girls. We are seeing them everywhere, their bright colors catching the eye with their vintage aesthetic. The funny part? They were sold out almost as soon as they were out. The name behind them is Mohxa, the fashion brand of Yiorgos and Iasonas, who are now expanding to bags as well, causing a similar stir.

What does Mohxa mean?

It’s a word we created and its origin is the Sanskrit word Moksha. In Hindu philosophy Moksha means to be free from the desires that we serve throughout our lives. Deep.

Who is behind this new and up and coming label?

Two friends that have grown up together, and have shared many dreams and beers near the Flisvos breakwater. We are Iasonas Pahos and Yiorgos Papahatzopoulos. Both from Palaio Faliro.

What united you and where do you draw inspiration from?

We were brought together by the Flisvos square. We were eight years old and our parents had brought us there to play. The ingredients that made up our friendship were skateboarding, music, travel, Pahos’ ekmek ice cream and the idea that one day we would work professionally on something. Our inspiration comes from our tanned grandparents who play racquetball at Batis, Willy who cycles around Palaio Faliro, the bands we like to listen to, the films we’ve seen and the laid back nature of our lives by the sea.

You started out with shirts and we have recently seen you expand to bags as well. Do you plan to stick to those two, or is there more to come?

We started with 8 limited edition shirs, 4 tote bags and one t-shirt, although we would like to one day create an entire line. We want to rule the world. After we dress it that is.

What kind of materials do you use and where do you get them from?

We use materials with patterns that catch our eye and with textures that you don’t want to take off. We get them from the Greek marketplace.

Where can one get Mohxa clothing?

On our facebook page ( and soon through mohxa.come and selected boutiques.

If you could design the most “relaxed” shirt or item of clothing, what would it be and why?

A set of overalls adorned with palm trees and made with a light and breezy material (so you could wear it and be cool)

Mohxa to all! Our facebook page is: . Our vimeo page is  And our email is