BACKSTAGE-Don’t panic. It’s just London Rain

The weather is London was kind to us in the day of the shoot. Almost frightenly kind. Sunny days in London, dont happen very often, and when they do, they last much less that you expect them to. This particular day lasted till the exact moment when photographer Nikolas Ventourakis said: «We are now ready to shoot outside..». That was the moment where rain started pouring down in the streets of Shoredish. Everyone waited and came out when its was all over. Backstage, Melina is cold, and Maria Papadopoulou adds some final touches before it starts to rain again. Dalston, Ponystep, E8 is the new GR8, London «it» girls Dj the night away in Athens then return to their hometown, in a city thats just beginning to get its famous edge back. Panic.