Dior Haute Couture Spring 2014

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Raff Simons decided to make a shift towards a more youthful approach to his Haute Couture collection for the house of Dior. The collection was playful but in the same time it maintained elements from the house’s great history and tradition. Structured shapes, fabric opulence and voluminous forms were the main characteristics in matters of design while the outfits kept a monochromatic style in pastel hues as well as some dark ones.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

DIO_0065.450x675 DIO_0079.450x675 DIO_0086.450x675 DIO_0108.450x675 DIO_0132.450x675 DIO_0142.450x675 DIO_0182.450x675 DIO_0202.450x675 DIO_0286.450x675 DIO_0299.450x675 DIO_0319.450x675 DIO_0369.450x675 DIO_0385.450x675 DIO_0409.450x675 DIO_0421.450x675 DIO_0433.450x675 DIO_0448.450x675 DIO_0459.450x675 DIO_0473.450x675 DIO_0492.450x675 DIO_0503.450x675 DIO_0515.450x675 DIO_0524.450x675 DIO_0538.450x675 DIO_0568.450x675 DIO_0579.450x675 DIO_0598.450x675 DIO_0615.450x675 DIO_0649.450x675 DIO_0678.450x675 DIO_0726.450x675 DIO_0746.450x675