Editorial: Blind Adam – Photography by Costas Avgoulis, Styling by Thanos Kyriakides

BLIND ADAM is an art project by Thanos Kyriakides mostly inspired by Jean Cocteau’s and Giacometti’s artwork and by the allegoric tale “The Emperor’s new clothes”. The basic idea is the creation of pieces , made from assembled knotted yarn , that resemble clothes’ skeletons or different forms , depending on the concept each time . These pieces can have various interpretations and a few days ago photographer Costas Avgoulis gave us his.

Photographer: Costas Avgoulis (D-tales)
Assistant Photographer: Damien Kartas (D-tales)
Stylist: Thanos Kyriakides (D-tales)
Make-up: Zoi Iordanidou (D-tales)
Hair: Christos Michailides (D-tales)
Model: Giannis Drivakis (D-Models)