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Florence Welch Is the New Muse of Alessandro Michele!

florence welch gucci

Is there a better match for Alessandro Michele‘s Gucci than Florence Welch? Of course, not!

This must have been what the house bore in mind when named her their amassador of their timepieces and jewellery collecction. The aethereal presence of the FLorence + The Machine frontwoman is the woman that Michele is dreaming of. So, their bonding is not unreasonable. “She has become a good friend, but I wanted to work with her primarily because she is an exciting artist. Her dark, romantic songs are timeless and full of passion and emotion—in many ways they evoke the spirit of Gucci”, the designer said during the presentation by Alexa Chung. Feelings are mutual and according to Welch, “When Alessandro and I first met we bonded over our love of jewellery. I truly believe that what he is creating at Gucci today is magic, and I am so excited to be part of it.”  

Τhe first piece presented by Welch is the G-Timeless automatic, which is full of bees, hearts and stars. Just like the worlds of Florence Welch and Alessandro Michele.