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ITS# Talent, ITS# Diesel


Born in 2001 as an event to bring the best young international creativity together and support it by offering visibility, cash prizes, important job opportunities, internships and placements as well as contacts with the most important brands in the fashion and photography business today, ITS has proven itself over the course of its 8 editions. On 10 and 11 July, the majestic Salone degli Incanti on the Trieste harbour front was the stage for a final show, one that was inspired by the travelling circus shows of the beginning of the twentieth century.
With this event, ITS witnessed the end of an era, saying goodbye to Trieste with “THE GREATEST SHOW OF ALL”, complete with acrobats, magicians, jokers, and eccentric artists. On Saturday July 11, inside the circus tent created especially for ITS#EIGHT, the collections of the ITS#FASHION finalists were revealed and the winners of this final edition were announced.

ITS#FASHION-The winners:

Fashion Collection of the Year

Mason Jung. South Korean. Royal College of Art – London

Diesel Award

Alice Knackfuss. German. Akademie Mode Design – Munich

Fashion Special Prize

Masha Lamzina. Russian.

i-D Styling Award

Elise Gettliffe. French. Hogeschool Antwerpen – Antwerp

Vertice Award

Michael Van Der Ham. Dutch. Central St. Martins College of Art and Design – London

ACCESSORIES-The winners:

Accessories Collection of the Year

Chau Har Lee. British. Royal College of Art – London

YKK Award

Yuima Nakazato. Japanese. Hogeschool Antwerpen – Antwerp

CRYSTALLIZED™, Accessories Award

Ali Forbes. Scottish. Royal College of Art – London


Catwalk: Giovanni Giannoni
Portraits/Background/Location: Ennio De Marin and Carlo Pacorini.