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Marit Ilison: “Longing for Sleep” Collection



Borrowing it’s name from Estonian title for Chekov’s novel “Let me sleep”, the conceptual project “Longing for Sleep” is about the haunting wish to sleep during the dark wintery times – kaamos. Kaamos is a non-translatable word only known in Estonian and Finnish languages referring to the time from November to January, when the days are very short and it barely gets light. Longing for Sleep is about the wish to stay in bed, hide between the sheets, away from a starting day. Stay wrapped in a cozy blanket and float in sweet dreams.

Text: Lazaros Tzovaras

longingforsleep_red_maritilison_credit_maikenstaak longingforsleep_pink_maritilison_credit_maikenstaak longingforsleep_green_maritilison_credit_maikenstaak longingforsleep_brown_maritilison_credit_maikenstaak