The Calvert Journal: Fragile Dreams



With the current Russian tactical incursions and prejudice that have swept Europe, many have swept their thoughts on the citizens of Russia under-the-carpet.  

This is, of course, very unhelpful; those within countries whose governments are power-hungry bigots are often those in most need of our help.

The Calvert Journal is a daily briefing on the culture and creativity of modern Russia.

From art and film to architecture and design, avant-garde Russian culture has helped shape our view of modern life. But as a consequence of its difficult politics and history, contemporary Russia still remains unfamiliar territory to many.’

Fragile Dreams is the journal’s latest collection, created by Simon Crofts, to offer a new view of Russian aspirations.

‘A sense of absurdity pervades the project with images such as a bear curled up on an armchair in the middle of the street or a jellyfish in a man’s hand. “Today the region is in a tug of war,” says Crofts. “A tug of war of aspirations, of memory, of economics and politics, of hopes.” The result, he says, is conflict and dissent and a “return to the Dostoyevskian national idea based on pride in achievements and sacrifices of the past”.’ – Fragile Dreams // The Calvert Journal


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