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Suzy Menkes Presents the “Giorgio Armani” Book

giorgio armani book

On Monday September 28,Suzy Menkes, one of the world’s most influential fashion journalists, presented Giorgio Armani’s book.

Published by Rizzoli New York and entitled “Giorgio Armani” it is, basically, a book-account of Armani’s work, which was selected to be presented on the year when the fashion house celebrates its fortieth anniversary and serves as a record of of four decades of creative work and experience relating to the Armani brand.

Including memoir, style statement, iconographic repertoire and comprehensive insight into the designer’s lifestyle, “Giorgio Armani” surprises the readers right from the start, with a compelling cover depicting Armani as an infant. The book combines the public and private, exoticism and rigour, cinema and holidays, childhood memories and the present time, black-and-white and color, all of it conveyed through a storytelling made up of unpublished photos and iconic shots put together in unexpected ways. Since work and life have always been one and the same for him, Giorgio Armani lays bare his private life and describes his own ideas on style and business, seamlessly.

Please note that all the proceeds of the sales of the “Giorgio Armani” book will be donated to UNICEF.