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Vivienne Westwood Platforms on display in Fashion Museum Antwerp

naomi campbell on vivienne westwood

The 9-inch Vivienne Westwood platform, that made the world news in 1993 after Naomi Campbell’s spectacular fall on the catwalk, is now on display in FootPrint – The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion in MoMu Antwerp.

The characteristic provocative-punk attitude which Westwood gives in her designs, exists distinctively in “super-elevated Ghillie shoe”, too. It is, basically, a design-mix of historical chopine shoes where the extreme height of the platform implies the social status of the weare, gillie shoe- a Scottish shoe for shepherds with crossed laces tied high up- and the classic stripper shoe.
“If shoes are emotions, Westwood would be eroticism and rebellion” says Karen Van Godtsenhoven, curator MoMu, and Vivienne Westwood declares about her shoes’ height “Shoes should have high heels and platforms to put the beauty of the female body on a pedestal”. This renowned platform will be displayed with 600 other groundbreaking shoes in FootPrint, which will last till February 16.