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Gvasalia’s Vetements Hoodies Go Haute Couture!

vetements goes haute couture

It’s took only four years for Vetements to take the fashion world by storm and the next stepping stone is showing their new collection during the upcoming Haute Couture Week in July.

Can the brand’s hoodies and DHL t-shirts keep up with Haute Couture? How is it possible to attend a show with hand-sewn gowns and then watch Gvasalia’s models walk down the runway in the incredibly expensive hoodies, than even Gvasalia would not buy? Are the hoodies going to get more expensive? “The collection will involve different elements including some Vetements interpretations of couture”, says a spokesperson for the brand.

The Haute Couture rules have not changedd much since 1945 that they have been set. How are traditional Haute Couture houses, like Dior or Chanel react to being in the same schedule with Gvasalia’s Vetements?