“Lars Von Trier Is Over The Hill”: Who Said That?

nymphomaniac 1

Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn did not hold back when it came to expressing his feelings and thoughts towards Lars von Trier, when asked during a Press conference in the Cannes Film Festival, after the premiere of his new film Τhe Neon Demon. The actual expression used was “over the hill”.

Moreover, he made reference to the two directors’ latest meeting, during which Trier “had done a lot of drugs”. “The last time I saw Lars he tried to tell my wife he wanted to have sex with her. I told him to fuck off, so he found some other slut.”

This is not the first time that Refn expresses his disdain for Trier. Five years ago, during the Cannes Film Festival, Trier expressed his sympathy for Hitler, and refn would not just let it drop. And Trier’s answer was “Fuck him”. Last year, during an interview Refn tried to justify Trier’s attitude: “The thing about Lars is that he’s getting old and his comedy routine is a bit tiresome. He is very provincial. He’s just a farm boy caught in the big game.”

So far, there has been no answer by Trier. Refn however, made this year’s Cannes Festival one to remember, thanks to both his statements and necrophilia scenes in his movie.