8 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Grace Jones!

grace jones

She is a model, actress, singer, artist. Grace Jones does not need much of introduction!

There are still some things, that we don’t actually know about her.

#1. Not all of her costars adored her. Arnold Schwarzenegger would complain while shooting Conan, the Destroyer that she was “too tough”, while Roger Moore would not hesitate to express his dislike towards her while shooting A View To Kill.

#2. Her brother Christian is one of those to have attributedd to her rebeliousness. As she says, Christian wanted to become a DJ, but their parents, affected by their parents religious beliefs, were not so fond of such an idea. Jones would take her brother’s side when these “social differences” appeared as she described them.

grace jones for dazed

#3. She loved New York’s nightlife, road tripping and she would hang out a lot with the Hell’s Angels. She would wear afros and expose her body in clubs, a long time before it became a thing.

#4. Her track My Jamaican Guy was written for Tyrone Downie of The Wailers, with whom she was in love with at the time. “He was with someone else. He was a beautiful guy – he doesn’t even know I wrote it about him”. He now knows.

#5. Her vocal range spans two-and-a-half octaves.

#6. She has been bannedd from the Walt Disney World, Florida, for a life, after exposing her breast during a performance.

British Summer Time 2015: Kylie

#7. During the late 70’s, she lived in Paris with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange, and there was no party they would not attend. During one with many French politicians, Jones showed up wearing only a string of bones around her neck.

#8. Even at this age, she does not hesitate exposing her body. During one of her concerts in 2015, she showed up on stage naked!