Georgina Vendrell spring/summer 2015 #080BarcelonaFashion


Georgina Vendrell presented her spring/summer 2015 collection during the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. Vendrell is a menswear designer from Barcelona, who debuted in 2007. Her new collection is entitled “Eclectic“. The unity and synergy of different concepts and ideas result to an intense eclecticism. The mix of sartorial and modern ideas, classical and contemporary style, organic and technological fabrics, give her collection a fresh and innovative touch with a unique futuristic vision. In this line we can find, shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants, jackets and jumpsuits for men. Vendrell is strict in her sellection of colours, as she only uses various tones of blue, white, cream and grey.

Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy1 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy2 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy3 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy4 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy5 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy6 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy8 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy9 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy10 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy11 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy12 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy13 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy15 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy16 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy17 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy18 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy19 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy22 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy23 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy24 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy26 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy27 Georgina-Vendrell_ss15_fy28