Hippie Fashion From 1960 and 1970!

hippie fashion from 60's and 70's

“Piece, love and freedom” was the message that hippies wanted to send to the world and that was expressed not only by their lifestyle, but also by their personal style. From the late 60’s to the 70’s, “hippies” were the basic subculture which definitely influenced fashion and style during these two decades.

Back to the US of these two decades, everyday outfits could be described by vibrant peace signs, frayed tie-dye shirts, puffed sleeves and also medallion necklaces. Not only women but also men could speak through their style. Additionally, these two decades were totally influenced by other cultures and civilizations such as ones from Africa, India and Bali and this seemed to be expressed by their personal style.

At the beginning of 1960, lots of people thought that a golden age was about to start. Hippies exuded love, piece, freedom and sexual liberation something that was reflected by their wardrobes. Nowadays, we can see  lots of people pay tribute to the 60’s and 70’s through their clothing choices and it is almost certain that upcoming generations will adopt some style ideas due to their love to those decades of love and liberation.