Kamaeleon- Rock Shoes with Mental Madness

What happens when a young, creative and rock woman from central Italy, the temple of elegant, handmade shoes, moves to Berlin, the underground temple of individual, casual and subversive style? KAMAELEON is born, Rock Shoes with Mental Madness.

How did you come up with the idea of making your own shoe brand?

I was born precisely in the centre of Italy, which is very famous for its big production of footwear, its craft laboratories and shoemakers. My first important experiences as a shoe designer was in Milan, for BALLY and MOSCHINO.
Shoes are in my “blood”.
In the past I did lots of hand customized shoes for my friends, as well as sneakers & boots…and I realized this worked! KAMAELEON was born at the end of last year. That project was in my mind for a long time, but when I moved to Berlin I had the opportunity to put it into practice. The first collection is always difficult because it will be judged by everyone, but my attitude is “I don’t care! It’s me!”

Where do you get inspired from?

My motto is: “I don’t have a story and I’m no one, I just want make shoes with a “fucking” rock spirit”. MUSIC is the most important word that comes to mind.
I live my life with a strong rock&roll attitude: my favorite bar is rock, many of my friends are musicians, my boyfriend is a drummer, the factory where I make my shoes is rock, my computer is dirty and very rock, all my vinyl or cds rock, my leather jacket is rock, I’ve no money and this is blues/rock…and finally when my shoes are destroyed they rock. Everyday I “steal” with my eyes and ears the different styles of rock&roll, garage, punk rock, psychedelic, blues, glam…the list is infinite! In fact all the models are named after rocks band: THE CRAMPS, THE HIVES, BLACK FLAG, SLAYER, TIGERS OF MOMPRACEM etc.

All KAMAELEON shoes are hand made with leather and other Italian materials and are unique pieces.

At the moment they are on sale at KAMAELEON’s laboratory/office in Berlin, at JULIAANDBEN and BOX-32.COM stores in Berlin and on the internet (myspace, twitter and facebook).

Photos: Emanuele Sturlese aka Discordant / Interview: Vania Micha