Juxtapose by Gluejeans for Droog

Earlier this week, at its Amsterdam headquarters, Droog at Home, the dutch design collective Droog launched a collection of clothes that are glued together rather than stitched, designed by denim brand Gluejeans. The award- winning Gluejeans principle, that uses an ultra-strong glue that comes in different colours, instead of seams, to hold together the pieces of the garment, gives the jeans a new, contemporary twist. On the surface traditional, raw denim, at a closer look an exclusive pair of jeans.

Handmade in the Netherlands, each piece has a unique and individual character. The new collection, called “Juxtapose”, consists of a denim coat for women, a denim jacket for men, some new designs for jeans and a leather jacket. Droog is releasing the new Juxtapose collection by the makers of Gluejeans exclusively to the Netherlands.