Louis Vuitton Fall 2014: Nicolas Ghesquiere reaches his Goal


Louis Vuitton’s new collection was rather anticipated during this year’s Paris Fashion Week in Paris, not only because Marc Jacobs left the fouse, but mainly for the arrival of Nicola Ghesquiere.
This time the the Ghesquiere woman gets the privilege of independence. She can externalize her feelings through her ​​daily looks, escaping from social norms. We observe a clear design basis, with certain constants and influences. The luxurious and expensive materials, including leather, as well as the imprecise volumes and specific prints, form the basis of the collection . The models presented in the most natural way excuding femininity escaped Jacobs’ surrealism.

Ghesquiere tried to create a timeless collection and he is bound to succeed.

Text: Lazaros Tzovaras

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