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Nebula Order is an independent, creative brand who in collaboration with like-minded artists, produces visually stimulating interior objects for the home that blur the lines between art and design. They focus on limited edition, unique creations celebrating the traditional techniques of the craftsmanship of the andean people who use natural and noble materials. The result is a series of custom-made rugs specially made by a community of craftsmen near Ambato, Ecuador.

Nebula Order using purely natural and untreated sheep’s wool, dyed by the hands of generations of weavers. The warp of each piece, essentially, the “soul” of the rug is made with untreated cotton.

We spoke with Carlitos Trujillo, founder of Nebula Order, about this interesting project.

How did you come up with Nebula Order as brand?

Well as most ideas, the brand came to be by combining a few things I love: Obviously alpaca, south american culture, artisan products and contemporary interior design.

Why Andes and why alpaca?

I am born and raised Ecuadorian, so I grew up around these two. So to look to South America for inspiration and as concept for the brand, made perfect sense to me.

Why is alpaca so special for you?

Alpaca is a wonderful noble material, and with such an extensive cultural heritage. I want the whole world to know about it.


How “ethical” is the first collection of Nebula Order?

All our products are made in South America and some are completely handcrafted. Handcraft work allows us to control the labour involved as well as the quality of the product. We collaborate only with producers that have a responsible social agenda with the local workers and the area. Developing and educating future alpaca breeders by creating an ecological relationship with the natural environment

Who designs the patterns of the collection?

The designs for these collection were done in collaborations with a graphic designer
and curated entirely by me. I intend to stay away from collections and just organically add new designs to our timeless line of products. For new designs we are looking into collaborating with new and up coming graphic artists. I am always on the lookout for graphic art that speaks to me. Being able to provide a platform to produce a physical product that was digitally created by someone, is really enlightening and such wonderful process, not the only for the artist involved but ourselves as well.


What are your goals with Nebula Order?

I would like slowly to expand our line of products, looking always into South American tradition and materials. Already in the process of developing a line of ceramic objects. To design and produce furniture would a dream come true.


You’ve been working as stylist and lately fashion photographer in Berlin the last few years. What do you like about Berlin and what irritates you?

Berlin has been my home for 8 years now and I keep getting inspired by the energy of the city. Continuing my work in fashion was not really the goal in mind as I moved here, but I continue to do what I love and inspires me. Being able to get behind the lens allowed me to develop my own language and a needed source of creative outlet. I like to think as myself as a multi-tasker, and I enjoy throwing myself from a creative project to the other.

It irritates me how dirty people can be in the city and not look after the place they call home.

Is the fashion market changing and in what way?

Well its constantly evolving and its so much faster because of the digital era. As a photographer, to collaborate with online magazines now and seeing the reach and influence online exposure provides, its quit impressive. As a brand owner to embrace digital promotion and e-commerce has most definitely been something new to me, but I understand it and i have fun with it.

Words by: Yorgos Kelefis

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