Anna Papathanasiou: On her belief in art as a way of life

“I do believe in art, in any form of art. Art is everything I cannot live without. Without it, I would be someone else. For I believe, art combines humour, fear, creativity, despair, love, loss, disappointment, deep existentialism, everything that makes us humans whatever that means. In order to create we need intention, and sophisticated intention is human, so I believe in mankind; it is the most beautiful, tough and, at the same time, pliable material. We are in this moment, knowing damn well this is also a countdown. Making art it means we are leaving personal traces behind, much like fragments of archaeological significance.

I believe in art because it is the absolute expression of our bipolar life. It’s always there; we’re just practising, fighting with ourselves and with the whole. A painting may be an artist’s cry, perceived by others as a gesture on a paper, and vice versa. I believe in art because it’s a code; it can be an emotional and primitive code, a political manifesto or a decompression of the excess energy that needs to be channeled in order to flow. And so it goes.”

Anna Papathanasiou, a.k.a Luna, is the absolute girl of our era. She divides her time between the Fine Arts School of Athens completing her postgraduate diploma, and studios where she poses for the lookbook of some new Greek brand. At nights, she performs on stages as the lead singer of the band Puta Volcano. Anna seems restless; she works as a set designer for the theatre, she paints in her studio and dances the night away in her Dr. Martens. And between all that, she speaks candidly about her upcoming, summer tour in the Balkans with her band.

Photos: Moch

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