No. 21 Spring/Summer 2015 #MFW


No. 21’s collection for spring/summer 2015, continues to promote an urban and relaxed style. The major element of  this show was the use floral prints and trousers paired with colored round neck sweaters. Dell’Acqua’s chosen color palette, faded greens and washed out pinks, was outlined with powerful prints. No. 21’s collection managed to construct elegant youthful streetwear pieces.

_ARC0008.450x675 _ARC0018.450x675 _ARC0035.450x675 _ARC0072.450x675 _ARC0082.450x675 _ARC0107.450x675 _ARC0118.450x675 _ARC0134.450x675 _ARC0147.450x675 _ARC0163.450x675 _ARC0175.450x675 _ARC0189.450x675 _ARC0211.450x675 _ARC0223.450x675 _ARC0234.450x675 _ARC0260.450x675