NYFW Fall/Winter 2014: Thakoon


Colorful and very unique w as the collection of Thakoon Panichgul for Autumn/Winter 2014. The  designer gave a lot of emphasis both to the silhouette of the clothes and to the quality of the fabrics he used as well.  In most of the outfits he used layering, by adding pieces of clothing one above the other, which was given in such a way so as not to make the outfits seem discomforting. A very pleasant surprise was the designer’s choice of colors in a collection ment for winter. Vivid fuchsia, orange and green were used in abundance, and sometimes were  mixed together in the same outfit.

Text: Ioanna Karagiorgou

KIM_0016.450x675 - Αντίγραφο (2) KIM_0027.450x675 - Αντίγραφο (2) KIM_0123.450x675 - Αντίγραφο (2) KIM_0137.450x675 - Αντίγραφο (2) KIM_0160.450x675 - Αντίγραφο - Αντίγραφο KIM_0160.450x675 - Αντίγραφο (2) KIM_0191.450x675 - Αντίγραφο - Αντίγραφο KIM_0191.450x675 - Αντίγραφο (2) KIM_0201.450x675 - Αντίγραφο (2) KIM_0215.450x675 - Αντίγραφο KIM_0228.450x675 - Αντίγραφο KIM_0331.450x675 - Αντίγραφο KIM_0342.450x675 - Αντίγραφο KIM_0354.450x675 - Αντίγραφο KIM_0461.450x675 - Αντίγραφο