Olivier Rousteing fights for diversity

olivier rousteing

As this month’s guest editor on CNN Style, Balmain‘s Creative Director, Oliver Rousteing brought the topic of diversity to the forefront.

Rousteing shared his childhood experiences, as an adopted by white parents-colored child, talking about the bulling he accepted because of his color. “I was a young black child and they were a white couple that pushed boundaries when they adopted me. That was a real act of love” he  stated for his adoption in Paris in 1985. Having, totally, accepted his identity, Rousteing fights for the diversity in the fashion industry saying that “Most people may think that modernity is about clothes, but I think the real modernity is diversity”. In the same interview he remembers of the outcry he deserved in 2011, when he became Balmain’s creative director, that wasn’t about his young age, but rather his color and he also talks about his design process and his muse Kim Kardashian.