#Ozonstyle Style as seen in Ipitou Street

Streetstyle in Athens is far from indifferent. With this statement in mind, we created a new video series titled #OZONSTYLE. With this project we want to capture the fashion trends as they’re seen on our favorite streets in the center of Athens.

Over the last fifty years, street fashion has been increasingly influencing the way we dress in our everyday life. Street style’s role in the fashion industry is becoming more critical through the last years, considering the fact that many luxury fashion houses have collaborated with streetwear brands

Based on what fashion is all about these days, we’ve created a second video dedicated to street style. This time we went to Ipitou Street, which is located on the border of Plaka area. Ipitou is a nearly grown location in Athens full of cool cafes and cocktail bars. We located five different people (Spiros, Konstantinos, Elpida, Dimitris and Stella) and captured what they wore.

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