Savannah Miller

one of London’s fashion faces

Savannah Miller

Twenty8Twelve, designed by the radiant Miller sisters, embodies the young and stylish essence of London without over-trying. OZON Raw met Savannah Miller during LFW and talked about women that inspires her, girls who dress like little boys and how she and Sienna manage to complement each other and create beautiful clothes.

-What was the main inspiration behing your A/W11 collection?

We started off this season focusing on creating the perfect capsule wardrobe, the ultimate winter clothes
rather than hanging up on themes. In the past we’ve focused on themes and found out that this can dilute
your message, making you forget what you actually want to do. And what we want to do is to create
beautiful, wearable as well as aff ordable clothes.

-Are you more interested in wearable clothes than extravagant creations?

I love extravagant creations to look at, but we’ve always been attracted to the things you can wear.

-For this issue we have been inspired by Grace Jones. If you were to choose a muse from the past,
who would it be?

Ιt would definitely be Brigitte Bardot! I was very infl uenced by her and that sort of leather little beatnik
jacket, when the proportions are always a little bit weird. I love it when girls dress like men and when
the proportions are too small, as if they are wearing children’s clothes. We always try to bring that in,

Savannah Miller

-What do you think is the unique selling point of London Fashion Week?

I think LFW overall is a time of creativity with a lot of British designers doing some really crazy, wonderful
things. We don’t necessarily fi t in to that because we are trying to make wearable clothes but I think
LFW is really exciting due to people being brave. Th ey therefore stay true to its vision and not going for
commercially, which isn’t always a good thing [laughs].

-How is it to work with your sister? Do you divide tasks or do everything together?

We always work together particularly on the creative stuff . We start the collection with initial mood
boards and inspiration and we do all our colouring ups and prints and drawings together.

-How does it work since you come from quite diff erent backgrounds? How does this aff ect the creative

I think that because she not an offi cially trained fashion designer, she doesn’t have any boundaries, she
does not know what you can and can’t do, so she has this limitless creative energy which is really fun and
really exciting. She also wears clothes very well so has a diff erent perspective and so we complement each
other. It actually works really well.

-What inspires you these days?

Film and love. I am very romantic, I love the old sort of ‘Paris, Texas’ fi lms, that make me feel something
-that really lights up my mood. And photography as well, anything that gives me an emotional response.
When I see really beautiful photographs, it goes straight on the mood-board.

Interview: Alaska| Photograhy: Nikolas Ventourakis||