STREETSTYLE by Ted Polhemus

Ted Polhemus (anthropologist, writer and photographer) is currently presenting a new edition of his book ‘STREETSTYLE’ set to be released on September 15. A legend in social anthropology, Polhemus has been exploring the power and the possibilities of style as an invaluable medium of expression throughout his career.

First published by in 1994  his book ‘STREETSTYLE’ has been a revelation right from its launch at London’s legendary V&A Museum. The new edition offers an in depth exploration of different youth subcultures from Teddy boys, to Mods, to Hip Hoppers and Hipsters and how they have helped shape popular culture with 100 extra pages and 5 new chapters.

We are  glad to announce that ATOPOS Cultural Organisation has confirmed the participation of Ted Polhemus at 4FASHIONSHAKE II (Nov 9 2010) organized by OZON.

If you would like to learn more about Ted Polhemus and see more of his works, please visit his webpage at:

The new edition of ‘STREETSTYLE’ is a collaboration between Ted Polhemus and the Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive (PYMCA) . Availalble on pre-order here: PYMCA: Pre-order link