Style Has No Age!


Who said that seniors cannot be stylish? The most chic 60+ show that when society starts to marginalize you, fashion can be your strongest anti-aging filter.

When the older and wiser deliver style lessons, you know that fashion is not only a privilege of an elitist minority. The photographer Ari Seth Cohen has been chasing for eight years the most well-dressed seniors of New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Florence and London, in order to include them in his book “Advanced Style: Older & Wiser”. As the photographer said: “These men and women have led remarkable lives — they’ve marched with Ghandi, fled war-torn nations, burned their bras — and now, at long last, they have found a new kind of freedom.”

Indeed, the golden years provide us with a rare opportunity, to throw the rules out of the window. These rules must have also been neglected by the grandmother of Ari Seth Cohen, the inspiration for his book, when she was following the latest fashion trends, to get dressed and go out and the photographer, a child still, could watch her doing it for hours.

Source: featureshoot