What Does Tim Burton’s New York Bar Serve?


It is called Beetle House and it opens its doors this week. The new bar in East Village, New York, is inspired by Tim Burton’s movies.

We worship him for decades. His films are the epitome of dark fairy tale, which sometimes flirts with the gothic thriller and sometimes with the quirky love story. Now you can have “Scissorhands”, “Sweeney Todd” and, of course, “Beetle Juice” .. on your plate (and in your glass). If you love beef, you can order Sweeney Beef (from the eponymous film), if you are a fan of pork, you’d rather have a Victor Van Pork (from “The Corpse Bride”), and the dish that will delight every Tim Burton admirer must be … Edward Burger Hands! The variety of cocktails – to digest his films – includes Jack Skellington (from “Nightmare before Christmas”), the Headless Horseman (from “Sleepy Hollow”) and ,of course, the Big Fish Bowl (you can guess from which movie) .

As the official site of the venue states: “It’s Halloween all year long!”