The First Collection by Mathery Studio is Unwearable!

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The following clothes look like nothing you have seen before. They are unique for one main reason: no matter how beautiful they look, they are unwearable!

Forget what you know about the shapes and design. Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli from Mathery Studio in Milan came to rock the waters of fashion industry, presenting their first collection entitled “Together”. Inspired by their own love affair, the dynamic duo was inspired mainly by the concept of union and designed their first clothing collection, which aims to change everything we know about the structure of clothes. They collaborate with brands like 69, Kloke and FFixxed Studios, while they spoke to i-D about their work, saying: “It was so spontaneous and so silly. It sounds strange to say, but it was more about researching the shape and the design, rather than designing a useful object. It’s also about making people laugh or surprising them.”

In fact, people, instead of laughing, were immediately interested in the project, while the duo flies to New York in a few weeks time, in order to try to exhibit their creations there, since they are.. unwearable!