The New Silk Roads by Basso & Brooke @ Design Museum, London

Last October, the pair of fashion designers Bruno Basso and Chris Brooke took a trip to Uzbekistan, ten days along the ancient silk road between Tashkent, the capital, and Samarkand. Known for their bright and colorful collections made from fabrics using sophisticated digital techniques that play on combining contrasting materials, textures and decorations, the Anglo-Brazilian duo Basso & Brooke had the opportunity to work for three days with weavers from the silk maceration and combing factory in Yodgorlik (Silk Mill) in the Fergana Valley.

The result of this experience was a capsule collection by Basso & Brooke, made of Ikat fabrics (local dye process) produced exclusively for them and designed by fabric designer Ruth Greany (Woven Studio). The collection was designed, printed digitally, and is now on display in Design Museum in London. Filmmaker Chloë de Carvalho, recounted their experience with a ten minutes video.

Basso & Brooke – Adventures on the Silk Road
Design Museum, London
Till August 21st

Source: Domus