Ucon Acrobatics Has Landed at OZON Boutique


Finding the right garment is difficult. And brand Ucon Acrobatics seems fully aware of that, and this is why it wants to make sure for the opposite. Since 2001, when it was founded in Berlin by Jochen Smuda and Martin Fussenegger, its collections offer a vast range of high quality products thanks to their creativity, pioneer appliques, and their passion for talent. These all lead to wonderful garments, with noteworthy details, inspired by the creators’ friends and the cities they have visited. And this is how they stand out from their peers.

The brand’s bags can be worn all day long. No matter what you are doing. And they are for everyone. Suitable for your journeys in town, your explorations. Totes, handbags and backpacks -sometimes all the three- that will be your best friends for yet another year!

You can find Ucon Acrobatics at OZON Boutique.