Vibrant and colorful clothing is back in town!

How many days have we spent in our houses not feeling the need or having the mood to put on something fancy? Sure, wearing baggy sweatpants and pajamas in neutral and pastel colors has been our go-to during this pandemic. The world, however, seems to be tired of them, as new sales show.

Spring came and it seems like the end of the pandemic is waving back at us. People have sensed that and it shows in what they choose to buy for their closets. While neutral, comfortable clothes remain more popular than in a normal spring, people tend to prefer more vibrant colors, flowy fabrics, and “even bras with underwire”, in comparison with last spring, as Marie Ivanoff-Smith, fashion director at department store Nordstrom has noted.

Retailers like Neiman Marcus, Walmart, and Macy’s Inc also noticed this trend in their sales. They have reported growing sales in garments that show customers’ tendency to get prepared to return to the good old normal life. What is interesting is that according to Heuritech, a data firm analyzing millions of pictures a day on social media and catwalks, there is a rise of 31% in Europe and 16% in the United States in floral patterns. Also, as ASOS reported, people show their optimism by choosing clothes with feel-good slogans on them. What a more obvious way to say that we are ready?

Can that mean that people feel happier? It definitely can tell that they feel more positive about what the future holds. Also, the weather gets warmer and it invites us to go outside and enjoy ourselves, and bright colors and prints have been missed. Moreover, after the vaccination for COVID has started, the future appears to be full of events and people need to get prepared, with formal clothes and high heels.

Also, catwalks for spring and summer collection 2021, appear to be more colorful, vibrant, bold, and generally full of positive and playful vibes.

According to H&M CEO Helena Helmersson “It’s clear that the trend is also about coming out of this, although it’s still a lot about comfortable garments,”

Another trend that appeared this spring is whites that symbolize a sense of refresh, rebirth, and a natural reset as Victoria Beckham has said. Indeed, what is a more positive color than white?

The truth is it might be taunting to get out of our comfortable clothes and get back to heels and suits but if that means that this is the end of the COVID era, are we ready for it? 100%



Words by: Vasiliki Roussou