Vintage Street Style Looks Between 1950 and 1980!

Vintage street style looks between 1950 and 1980

Impressive vintage street style looks from 1950 to 1980 make us remember or learn about the unique , everyday fashion style that women used to adopt based on each decade’s trends and fashion rules.

Back to the  1950’s, ’60’s-’70’s that  have returned to this era not only for the brands and designers but also for all fashion lovers  and  the ’80’s, the pictures bellow show us how women used to dress according to the era’s trends and fashion rules and give us the opportunity to adopt some ideas in order to make our personal, unique style special. Beautiful, chic and stylish women with strong personalities, which describe their personal style, highlight every single decade’s culture and its top fashion trends.

*Words by Natali Charpantidi