Was Amy Winehouse a Tourette?

amy winehouse tourette syndrome

Amy Winehouse may have passed away five years ago, but everyone keeps talking about her. This time it’s her mother’s turn to make reference to her daughter’s struggles, in a new memoir named Loving Amy: A Mother’s Story.

The most interesting part of it is not another suppression story, as the documentary about her life suggests, or a reference to her struggle with drugs, alcohol or eating disorders. Accordding to Janis Winehouse, her daughter may have been a Tourette. It’s a well-known hereditary, neuropsychiatric disorder, with kinetic and -at least- one vocal tick.

The memoir will be released on January, 12th and is another addition to the long list of tributes to the singer by her family.

Asif Kapadian, the AMY documentary director, presented his own point of view in a movie, that has touched anyone to have watched it and seems as the most objective of all, since it does not present an idealized image of Winehouse’s life. “I honestly think 50 things killed her. It’s no simple thing. It’s everything. It’s her situation at home…it’s no self-esteem…not feeling enough love to love herself and to care about herself. Everything. Everything created a situation of this mess around her. Nobody stopped it. It went on and on and on. It got out of control. And when they did try to stop it, it was too late.”