What are Sam Whitten’s Sunglasses Made Of?


Forget eveything you knew about eyewear frames, whether made of plastic, metal, or even wood! Sam Whitten designs hemp Eyewear, the frames of which are made of hemp.

Industrial hemp moreover, is one of the most important crops and is used in garments, even in car parts. It is the strongest fibre and a more sustainable material, compared even to wood. “Research into hemp and its possible applications led to the discovery of hemp and flax fibre composite sheet material which are impregnated with an eco friendly binder.”, states the designer to designboom.

The sheets are compressed inside mouldings under heat, so as they can be formed. Once the frame and legs are ready, a coat of bio resin is added, so as to reinforce their strength and make them waterproof.

So far, you can order them online here.