Wooyoongmi Spring/Summer 2015 #PFW


A new era is set to begin for Wooyoongmi, with Katie Chung (daughter of Woo Wooyoungmi) as the new co-creator of the company. This change is depicted through the collection for spring summer 2015. Art is never far from Wooyoungmi’s shows, the inspiration for this latest show came from the kinetic and optical artist Cruz Diez and the color-block posters of the 1930s. These artistic references mixed up with strong street culture influences. Overgrown trousers, with crotches dropped for a baggy effect ,combined with sweaters and loose shirts. A color palette of urban appeal with kinetic prints and nets overlaid with other materials. Distinctly 90’s elements like baggy denim, parachute pants and bucket hats,  give a sense of looking forward.

wooyoungmi-ss15_fy2 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy4 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy9 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy10 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy11 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy12 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy13 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy14 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy15 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy16 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy17 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy18 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy19 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy20 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy21 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy22 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy23 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy24 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy25 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy26 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy27 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy28 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy29 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy30 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy31 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy34 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy35 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy38 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy40 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy41 wooyoungmi-ss15_fy42