”Animalistic, Naturalistic” Photography Project By Synchrodogs


The Zurich-based online art gallery Hauser is currently hosting an exhibition presenting the latest project of Synchrodogs called ”Animalism, Naturalism’’. The photography duo Tanya Shcheglova and Roman Noven, also known as Synchrodogs have created a series of highly surrealistic photographs inspired by nature.  The Ukrainian based photographers have always been close to nature and they wanted through their images to offer an escape from the city and foster a more intimate relation with our surrounding environment. Tania and Roman started taking photos in 2008 but not in a professional level. Up to now they have taken part in several exhibitions and their photos have been used in publications such as Dazed&Confused, Vice and New York magazine.

002_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 003_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 004_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 005_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 006_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 008_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 009_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 010_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 011_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism 012_Synchrodogs_Animalism-Naturalism