Pharrell Williams Can Make Us ‘’Happy’’ with his 24hour Video



While a lot of artists are trying to make short music videos and catchy songs the 40 year old American singer Pharrell is doing something that a lot of people have wished for. How many times we have wished to listen to our favorite song all day long in repeat? That’s maybe what Pharell thought so he got together with the French collective named WAFLA (We Are From L.A) so as to produce a 24hour long music video while playing in loop his new song named ‘’Happy’’. The original song lasts only for 4 minutes but it can make you smile while watching people dancing and doing everyday things during one day in L.A. WAFLA artist collective is known for previous collaborations with artists and brands such as Kanye West, Eastpak, Evian, Mtv and Virgin Radio.

Ria Maidoni