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Jonathan Ive&Marc Newson’s Leica M Raises $1.8 million For Good Purpose


Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive and the designer Mark Newson collaborated so as to create a unique Leica M camera for good purpose. The design and realisation procedure took over 85 days and the result was a camera with 24 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and 50mm f/2 lens. Leica M for Red, which is the official name, was created so as to help the fight against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. On the 23rd of November after the auction of Sotheby’s house in New York the camera succeeded in raising 1.8 million dollars and becoming the most pricing digital camera ever sold. For the same purpose there were auctioned 40 other unique limited edition items and all together they raised 13 million dollars.

Ria Maidoni


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