Apple Maps Glitch Art Portrays A Surreal Parallel Universe


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Peder Norrby has a hobby. While some people collect coins or stamps, Norrby, the founder of graphics company Trapcode, collects glitches. Over the months since the release of Apple’s very own iOS Maps, Norrby has curated a selection of glitches that have resulted from the app’s many errors. Norrby’s collection on Flickr, mapglitch, is a record of all the struggles Apple’s algorithms had in handling data and textural mapping. The mistakes occur when 2D images are incorrectly mapped onto 3D topography resulting in startling images of airplanes melting into the ground, forests morphing into waterfalls of green and a roller coaster wearing a failing invisibility cloak. The images present a topsy-turvy world, where everything seems to be under gravity’s pull, falling into the center of the Earth. “The glitches are essentially the computer misunderstanding the underlying geometry. It tries its best and sometimes it leads to comical, interesting, and lovely images” Norrby adds.





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Source: www.psfk.com